Mercedes-Benz EQ Models

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Mercedes-Benz EQ is battery electric car and sporty SUV to be manufactured and designed by Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz EQ
EQ Models is pure electric vehicles and zero-Emission automobiles with high battery technology

Mercedes-Benz EQ Models

Mercedes-Benz EQ price, starting price: $39,000.

Mercedes-Benz EQ price
10 EQ models plans to market by 2025 and Mercedes-Benz offers a suitable charging infrastructure with a wallbox for sustainable services and products

Mercedes-Benz EQ Models  to market by 2025

Mercedes-Benz EQ offers a suitable charging infrastructure
Mercedes-Benz EQ Performance
0.0 kph-100 kph/ 0-60 mph: 4.80 seconds, Power: 300.0 kW/ 408.0 bhp, torque: 700.0 Nm @ 0.0 rpm

Mercedes-Benz EQ Performance

Mercedes-Benz EQ Performance: 0.0 kph-100 kph/ 0-60 mph: 4.80 seconds

Mercedes-Benz EQ Performance:  Power: 300.0 kW/ 408.0 bhp

EQ Interior features
24-inch screen (HD), display navigation, side mirrors with replaced by cameras, steering wheel (multi-functional)
Mercedes-Benz EQ  Interior features

Mercedes-Benz EQ  Interiors: 24-inch screen (HD)
Top speed: 124.0 mph / 200 kph, Weight: 4409.0  lbs/ 2000  kg , bhp / weight: 204.0  bhp/ tonne  

Mercedes-Benz EQ  performance: Top speed: 124.0 mph / 200 kph
Mercedes vehicle infrastructure, charging times: just 5.00 minutes for a 100.0 km

Mercedes-Benz EQ Engine
Mercedes-Benz EQ Engine
EQ Engine: a torque of 520.0 lb·ft (700.0 newton metres) and power output of 300.00 kilowatts, 402 horse power.
performance: 0.00 - 62.00 miles/hour in less than 5 seconds with range is 310.00 miles

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