Bentley Mulsanne Models, Spesifications

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The Bentley Mulsanne is a hyper luxury car designed, manufactured, produced and developed by Bentley Motors Limited (United Kingdom).

Bentley Mulsanne is a hyper luxury car

Bentley Mulsanne Models
(2012) Mulsanne Mulliner, (2012-) Mulsanne Convertible, (2012-) Mulsanne Diamond Jubilee, (2012-) Mulsanne Executive Interior, (2013-) Mulsanne Le Mans, (2013-) Mulsanne Shaheen, (2014-) Birkin Mulsanne, (2014) Mulsanne Speed Model.
(2013-) Mulsanne Seasons Collector's:
Golden Pine(Whole Year), Orchid (Spring), Bamboo (Summer), Chrysanthemum (Autumn), Plum blossom (Winter)

Bentley Mulsanne Models

Bentley Mulsanne Price 
Bentley Price, New Cars: 2016 Bentley Mulsanne, 4-Door Sedan, $303,700 MRSP
Used Cars Price: 2015 Bentley Mulsanne Used Price $209,900 - $259,777, 2014 Bentley Mulsanne Used Price $149,900 - $229,999, 2013 Bentley Mulsanne Used Price $154,885 - $219,900, 2012 Bentley Mulsanne Used Price $139,900 - $182,900, 2011 Bentley Mulsanne Used Price $117,888 - $159,999.

New Cars 2016 Bentley Mulsanne and Used car

New Cars Bentley Mulsanne and Used car

Accelerations: 0-60 mph in just 5.10 seconds, top speed of 184.00 mph, Transmission: 8-speed automatic

Bentley Mulsanne: 8-speed transmission
Wheelbase: 128.60 in (3,266 mm)
Length: 219.50 in (5,575 mm), Height: (59.90 in) 1,521 mm, Width: 75.80 in (1,926 mm) (w/mirrors: 86.9 inc (2,208 mm )), Kerb weight: 5,850 lb (2,650 kg)

Bentley Mulsanne Dimensions

Bentley Mulsanne Exterior Colors
Alpine Green, Anthracite Satin, Arabica over Burnt Oak, Arctica, Barnato Green, Black Sapphire , over Pale Sapphire, Black Velvet over Pale Velvet, Brewster Green, British Racing, Brodgar, over Pale Brodgar, Burnt Oak Arabica, Citric, Claret over Light, Continental Yellow 3, Dark Gray Satin, Dove Gray, Fountain Blue Meteor, Gazelle Light Gazelle, Ghost White 3, Pearlescent, Glacier Blue, Glacier White, Light Claret, Light Emerald Alpine Green, Light Gazelle, Light Gray Satin, Light Windsor Blue, Meteor Fountain Blue, Midnight Emerald Pale Emerald, Moonbeam over Tungsten, Old English White, Onyx over Tungsten, Oxford Blue, Pale Brodgar, Pale Emerald, Pale Sapphire Black Sapphire, Pale Velvet, Special Magnolia 3, St James Red, Tungsten over Moonbeam, Tungsten over Onyx, Thunder, White Satin, Windsor Windsor Blue, Extreme Silver Satin, Silver Frost 3, Special Magnolia.

Bentley Mulsanne Exterior Colors
Metallic Colors
Aegean Blue, Alpine Green, Amber, Anthracite, Apple Green, Aquamarine, Arabica, Aurora, Azure, Purple, Black Crystal, Black Sapphire, Black Velvet, Blue Crystal, Breeze, Brodgar, Bronze, Burgundy, Burnt Oak, Burnt Orange, Candy Red, Claret, Cumbrian Green, Cypress, Damson, Dark, dashmere, Dark Sapphire, Dragon Red, Extreme Silver, Fountain Blue, Gazelle, Granite, Gray, violet, Hallmark, Havana.

Bentley Mulsanne Exterior Colors: Metallic colors
Metallic Colors
Heather, Ice, Kingfisher, Light Claret, Light Emerald, Light Gazelle , Light Havana, Light Onyx, Light Sapphire, Light Tudor Gray, Light Windsor Blue, Magenta, meteor, Midnight Emerald, Monaco Yellow, Moonbeam, Moroccan Blue, Neptune, Onyx, Orange Flame, Pale Brodgar, Pale Emerald, Pale Sapphire, Pale Velvet, Passion Pink, Peacock, Porcelain, Portofino, Royal Ebony, Rubino Red, Sand, Sandstone, Sequin Blue, Silver Storm, Silver Tempest , Silverlake, Spruce, Storm Gray, Sunburst Gold, Sunset, Titan Gray, Tungsten, Umbrian Red, Venusian Gray, Verdant, Violette, White Sand, Windsor Blue.

Bentley Mulsanne Exterior Colors: violet, white sand, umbrian red

Instrumentation:  Tachometer, Clock, Trip computer, Compass, temperature display (External)

Bentley Mulsanne Interior
Parking sensors, door pockets, power steering, Tilt and telescopic, security system, Transmission controls, Overhead console, Cruise control, remote transmitter.

Bentley Mulsanne Interior and Features
Front Seat
Power driver and passenger seat (12-way), Height adjustable driver and passenger seat, Multi-level heating passenger and driver seat
2 subwoofer, 14 speakers, DVD player, USB connection, Auxiliary audio input, Memory card slot, Video monitor, external media control, AM/FM stereo

Bentley Mulsanne Engine Spesifications

Engine Spesifications
(2010 – ) Mulsanne
Type: 6,752 cc (412.00 cu in), Code: V8 twin turbo, Power@rpm: (377 kW; 505 hp) 512 PS  @ 4200rpm, Torque@rpm: (752 lb·ft) 1,020 N·m  @ 1750 rpm.
(2014 –) Mulsanne Speed
Type: (412.0 cu in) 6,752 cc, Code: V8 twin turbo, Power@rpm: (395 kW; 530 hp) 537 PS  @ 4200rpm, Torque@rpm: (811 lb·ft) 1,100 N·m  @ 1750rpm.

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