BMW iPerformance Models

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BMW iPerformance Models BMW X5 iPerformance BMW i models BMW 3 Series iPerformance BMW 7 Series iPerformance BMW 2 Series iPerformance active Tourer

BMW X5 iPerformance

Cars: BMW X5 iPerformance

Both BMW 528i and 540i could be equipped with either a manual or an automatic transmission, The vehicle thus combines purely electric TwinPower Turbo engine and a highly efficient electric motor

BMW i models

Cars: BMW i models

Concept for sustainable and future-oriented mobility, as the future of the sports car

BMW 3 Series iPerformance

Cars: BMW 3 Series iPerformance

BMW 3 Series Offered exclusively with xDrive all-wheel drive, the combination of electric motor and BMW TwinPower Turbo engine 

BMW 7 Series iPerformance

Powering the BMW 7 Series is an upgradable and turbocharged 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder engine, BMW M760i variant of the latest 7 Series as they were luxury cars

Cars: BMW 7 Series iPerformance

Cars: BMW 7 Series iPerformance / white

The sporty elegance cars

BMW 2 Series iPerformance active Tourer

Cars: BMW 2 Series iPerformance

The BMW 2-Series gets more standard equipment as well as the option of all-wheel drive, the BMW 225xe iPerformance Active Tourer offers both an electric driving experience and unlimited mobility

Cars: BMW 2 Series iPerformance Interior

BMW 2 Series Interior

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